EMCO DIPLOMAT Original With cassette brush 512 CB

Entrance design with EMCO DIPLOMAT Original 512 CB


The original entrance mat with the weather-resistant, cassette-brush insert for noticeably thorough removal of coarse dirt is fitted with a parallel arrangement of bristle bundles. Optimally designed for buildings exposed to average to heavy footfall.

Additional information

Approx. height (mm)


Roll-over and drive-over capability

hand trolleys

Standard profile clearance approx. (mm)

5 mm, rubber spacers

Automatic door systems

Profile clearance of 3 mm available as an option for revolving door drives, in accordance with EN 16005


Plastic-coated stainless steel cable

Max. width/profile length for individual section (mm)


Depth/walking depth for individual section (mm)


Mat divisions as per factory standards or customer specifications

from a profile length of 3000 mm or a maximum mat weight of 25 kg

Support chassis

Made using rigid aluminium with sound absorbing insulation on the underside

Tread surface

Recessed, robust, weather-proof cassette sections, equipped with brush bundles arranged parallel to one another. Actual mat height: + 1 to 2 mm

Slip resistance

R 13 slip resistance as per DIN 51130


Complete mat system available on request with fire classification Bfl-s1 according to EN 13501

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