EMCO MARSCHALL Original Large With ribbed carpet insert and scraper bar 522 SLRK

Entrance design with EMCO MARSCHALL Original Large 522 SLRK


The extra-wide original entrance mat with the effective, coarse-fibre rib insert is exceptionally abrasion resistant and offers maximum dimensional stability. Particularly ideal for collecting fine dirt. The additional profile offers even more cleaning power. Optimally designed for buildings exposed to extreme footfall.

Additional information

Approx. height (mm)


Roll-over and drive-over capability

hand trolleys

Standard profile clearance approx. (mm)

5 mm, rubber spacers

Automatic door systems

Profile clearance of 3 mm available as an option for revolving door drives, in accordance with EN 16005


Plastic-coated steel cable

Max. width/profile length for individual section (mm)


Depth/walking depth for individual section (mm)


Mat divisions as per factory standards or customer specifications

As of a profile length of 3000 mm or a maximum mat weight of 45 kg

Support chassis

Reinforced support chassis made using rigid aluminium with sound absorbing insulation on the underside

Tread surface

Recessed, robust, weather-proof, ribbed carpet strips, also with scraper bars mounted between the profiles


Insert for Light Grey and Anthracite ribbed carpet colours available with fire classification Cfl-s1 as per EN 13501

Pile material

100% PP (polypropylene)

Colour fastness to artificial light ISO 105-B02

good 6

Colour fastness to rubbing ISO 105 X12

good 4

Colour fastness to water ISO 105 E01

good 5

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