Touch-free flush plate for pre-wall installation systems – illuminated, glass-black


Touch-free flush plate for pre-wall installation systems – illuminated, glass-black


  • For pre-wall installation systems and concealed WC cisterns
  • For touch-free flushing simply by approximating the hand
  • Can not be used for pre-wall installation systems Slim & pre-wall installation systems with height of 850 mm


  • DUAL flushing, hand-operated, touch-free operation
  • Functions and flush plate illumination is activated when the user enters and is registered by infrared sensors
  • Set up via mini USB using a program freely available on the Alcaplast website or manually using the controls on the back of the flush plate
  • Adjustable parameters: time, large and small flush, colour, light intensity, lighting length, variable setting of hygienic rinse
  • Adjustable flush plate lighting: manual – setting of 4 colors, via mini USB cable – 16 million colors
  • AC power, the power supply is included in package
  • Material: glass


  • Touch-free flush plate with a water sensor
  • Screw set with a solenoid valve
  • Flush valve for sensor flushing
  • Cable for connection to the power supply 3 m
  • Fixing frame of the flush plate
  • Threaded frame clamp 2 pcs
  • Power supply unit
  • Protective hose for power cable installation

Additional information

Operating voltage

12 V

Rated voltage

230 V

Power consumption

10 W

Network frequency

50 Hz

Type of protection


Quantity – packing

6 pcs

Quantity – Palett

96 pcs

Dimensions – piece

315×215×148 mm

Dimensions – packing

770×235×465 mm


2,7981 kg

Weight – packing

17,3292 kg

Weight– Palett

297,2672 kg