Deck-mounted single tap or mixer

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  • Deck-mounted single tap or mixer
  • Long-lasting lithium battery power
  • Flow: 3l/min or 1.9l/min​
  • Hydraulic power: G 1/2″ or G 3/8″​
  • Spout height: 69 mm​
  • Projection: 100 mm (deck version) et 110 mm (wall version)
  • 7-second flow time (adjustable up to 30 seconds)​
  • Chrome finish
  • Wall- or deck-mounted version​s
  • Withstands temperatures up to 75°C for 30 minutes in relation to thermal shock​
  • Equipped with an anti-limescale aerator and anti-water hammer device
  • Technology built into the tap (battery, solenoid valve)
  • Hygiene: Automatically activates without manual contact and periodic rinsing limiting bacterial growth (Legionella, Pseudomonas, etc.)
  • Water savings: 7 sec flow time, adjustable with PRESTOCOM
  • Aesthetics: Compact and discreet with a chrome finish that will fit into all kind of environments
  • Reliability: designed for intensive use. Powered by long-lasting battery
  • Comfort: Effortless and touchless trigger ideal people with reduced mobility (PRM), young children and elderly persons
  • Safety: Solenoid valve automatically closes if the battery is dead or if the sensor malfunctions
  • Easy maintenance: Full access to the built-in system (battery, solenoid valve, cell) by simply opening the front cover via a concealed screw
  • The PRESTO + : PRESTO PLUG & PLAY: PRESTO Safe can replace easily and quickly any mechanical single-tap with G1/2’’connection
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